Can self-care help you deal with anxiety?

In one way or another, self-care is often part of many people’s New Year’s resolutions. We make promises to ourselves, promises to eat better, exercise more, work smarter and to restore better balance in our lives.

Sometimes our lives become too busy with meeting goals or deadlines or tending to others’ needs. We pack our schedules to the brim with activities, but leave no time to take a breath. Then we wonder why we feel depressed or anxious.

Another important thing to understand is that effective self-care often looks different for different people. Even for the same person, a different activity might bring more relief at one phase of life than during another. This is because people are all unique, and as lives changes, sometimes our needs change. While a massage or soothing music might be the perfect form of personal for one person, a walk through the woods might be the action that relaxes someone else. Or, you might enjoy reading a book and stepping into another point-of-view.

Examples of Self-care

Some examples of personal care could include the following:

  • Treating yourself to a healthy, delicious meal
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Giving yourself a break from work
  • Nipping self-criticism in the bud and fostering self-compassion
  • Setting aside time for something fun
  • Saying “no” to another drink of alcohol
  • Managing your spending wisely
  • Taking time to relax and breathe—”being” instead of “doing”

(Reference: Psychology Today)

Arrange a therapy session

Counseling is also a form of personal care. A trained therapist has many tools to help you deal with anxiety or depression. Arranging for professional help can restore the balance you feel you’re missing in life. At Affordable Therapy LA, our therapists have made a difference for many patients. Reach out and we’ll be happy to arrange a session for you.