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  • Are you struggling with relationship issues?
  • Do you feel misunderstood or that you cannot express your views?
  • Does your relationship feel controlled or argumentative?
  • Do you and your partner argue, then sulk and rage?
  • Does your relationship feel like something is missing?

Couples counseling is an important tool to help partners understand and resolve conflicts and misunderstandings and improve relationships, whether you are a married couple, a same-sex couple or an individual in any committed relationship.

Is a Communication Problem Harming Your Relationship?

Communication is a common problem in relationships. During difficult times, such as financial situations, child -rearing or physical health problems, each individual may have a different perception and emotional response leading to a breakdown in communication. To further complicate matters, a relationship undergoing distress can result in sadness, worry, anger or resentment and such emotions can, in turn, affect how you handle children, work and friendships. Lacking open lines of communication, each person in the relationship or including everyone in the family may feel misunderstood and unloved. When blaming enters the picture, the relationship or family situation reaches a point where problem solving and conflict resolution are virtually impossible without professional counseling.

Therapy May Be the Answer

If your relationship is in trouble, an objective, trained therapist can help you and your partner:

  • Focus on the source(s) of your problems
  • Identify areas of miscommunication
  • Learn how to have a discussion without blaming, criticizing and without anger
  • Identify patterns one or both of you are repeating
  • Understand factors that both of you are avoiding
  • Find new ways to communicate
  • Discover new problem-solving skills

Benefits of Counseling

Counseling provides an opportunity for couples and families to air their views and for everyone involved to find ways resolve their feelings. Typically, couples attend therapy sessions together, which can be particularly challenging, given the difficulty you very likely have talking about your problems. If your partner does not want to attend sessions with you, you can go by yourself and can still benefit by understanding more about yourself, your emotions and your behaviors.

Therapy – Not Just for Troubled Relationships

Your relationship does not have to have problems to benefit from therapy. Couples counseling can also help those who wish to strengthen their connection and improve their understanding of one another and each others’ emotional needs. If your relationship has lost some of the love, intimacy and friendship you once had and you find yourself feeling isolated and sad, professional counseling may help you recapture the former passion and love in your relationship and better understand one another.

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