Antoinette De Leon, M.A., M.F.T.

License #87288

During this pandemic and stressful time, many couples have faced  communication difficulties and other challenges.  I have developed a specialization in working with those in a committed relationship who want to reduce their conflict, communicate better with each other, and learn about one another.

In addition, I also work with individuals who have been told or think of themselves as highly sensitive”.  If you react strongly to criticism, become physically and emotionally reactive and are sensitive to othersmoods, you are not alone.  I am someone who can understand and help.



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Anxiety is a symptom not the problem.  Let me help you focus on alleviating these symptoms, such as racing thoughts, heart pounding, and fear of losing control.

I am here to try to help you cope and learn new techniques for couples, individuals, and families experiencing anxiety, relationship difficulties, and stress.

Areas of Specialization
  • Anxiety/Panic Disorders
  • Couples/Marriage (Pre-Marital) Counseling
  • Highly Sensitive Individuals (HSP)
  • Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS)
  • Parent Child Relationship

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