Grief and Loss


  • Have family and friends told you it is time to “move on”?
  • Has grief turned into serious depression?
  • Do you feel like you are also the victim?

When a loved one dies, you and your spouse divorce or you end a longstanding relationship, experiencing grief and loss is natural. However, each of us deals with grief differently.

  • You may feel angry, betrayed, alone and helpless
  • You may even feel lost yourself, as though your identity as a wife, husband, mother, father, sister or brother has been splintered, leaving part of yourself missing
  • You may try to be the strong
  • You may delay your bereavement
  • Grief may traumatize you to the extent you are disabled

If grief and loss are causing severe reactions or complicating conditions, grief counseling may be an avenue to help you draw on your own strengths and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Do you need help coping with the loss of a loved one?

Anger is a normal expression of grief. Feelings of desertion are also a part of the grieving process. The loss of a loved one also frequently causes a situational depression or anxiety. You may find that others do not seem to understand the depth of your loss and while they are sympathetic, they may not want to talk about the problems you are facing. Seeking the help of an experienced therapist will:

  • Help you through the mourning process
  • Allow you to express your anger, abandonment, sadness and loneliness
  • Enable you to reach the point of acceptance and resolution
  • Assist you in forming a new identity, while not negating your profound loss.
  • Starting over – moving on

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